Monday, July 6, 2009

Bloody Rhino of Khorne

After weeks of doing nothing I started to work on a Rhino, which will
be used by the Khorne Berzerkers. I started with doing the inside.
Attention: verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry bloody! ;)

I was thinking that Khorne Berzerkers certainly won't have time to clean their vehicles.
They're too busy with killing stuff (and draging it into their rhino ^^)


  1. Awesome rhino interior! Looks incredibly gorey. Kind of like some kind of nightmare field hospital! Top stuff, Khorne would be proud!

  2. P.S. It's exceptionally well painted to boot as well. How exactly did you acheive that look from the blood?

  3. Thanks!

    My mixture for blood:

    Tamiya Clear Red (X-27) + Peat Brown
    (Winsor & Newton ink)

    For chunks and strings I add
    some normal all-purpose glue (UHU).
    You can really do sick things with this. ^^

  4. Holy cow! That is gory. Looks good, definitely fitting for the blood god.

  5. That is just sick. Nice work... not too much, not too little.