Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Comeback

Hey Folks!

There was a pretty long black nothing on the Tower the last couple of weeks, since me and Darkezekiel both had a lot of other things to attend do. (Yes, there is something else which doesn't involve minis ^^)

But today I'm reporting back with some pictures of Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, painted for our local gamestore.

The "mini" is so huge, that it didn't fit into my photobox, so the pics are not top notch this time (actually they never are ;)).

Have a nice christmas time everyone!

P.S.: Oh yes: GO WATCH AVATAR! I was in the movies yesterday (the movie just started in Austria) and have to say WOW! Absolutely inspiring, great great film!
Thank u James Cameron! ;)


  1. Love that water-effect. Do you perhaps have a tutorial on how you do that?

  2. It's pretty simple, just use an air-drying watereffect (GW has a good one too) and mix some paint with it. I used Tamiya Clear Red, which is great for blood. Apply a thin coat (2mm maximum) and let it dry. After some hours it will be comepletely transparent. If you want you can add more coats, but don't make them to thick, 'cause they won't dry transparent then. If you want really deep water you shpuld use 2-component watereffects.

    There's a good tutorial on slime over on Massive Voodoo by the way.