Sunday, April 5, 2009

Empire Warrior Priest

I glued the mini to the base, painted the hammers and finished the lower part
of the robe. (And I put the new stuff on top from now on, so that you don't have to
scroll so much ;))


Update: I've worked out the NMM a bit more. I think it's pretty good now.


Remember the little base with the bridge I showed you some time ago?
I startet to paint the mini which will be on it, an empire warrior priest.

By now I have only painted the face, the robe and started with some experimental
gold NMM (I usually don't do NMM).


  1. Coming along nicely. You paint the way I do (or is it the other way around...) I start from the inside of the model and work out.

    I paint the recesses and then paint the top items last.

    All in all, looking great.

  2. Yep, best way to go.
    I have ruined a lot of
    paintjobs in my early days by trying to reach recesses on an almost finished mini. ;)
    Maybe I've learned from it. *g*