Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Empire Warrior Priest Part 2

Some new shots of my warrior priest...
I thought the base needed a tree ;)


  1. Have you magnetised him to use on a real base?

    Anyway absoloutly brilliant job! And i really like the blue effect on the hammers. Could I be so rude to ask how you did that as I'd like to do an effect like that on my soulspears for my eldar.


  2. Hi Peter,
    Thank you very much. This is a showcase mini,
    I won't use it for gaming, therefore it's not
    The hammers where painted with black - shadow grey - fortess grey and ivory (Vallejo). It's actually meant to be steel- non metallic metal. Try to keep contrast as strong as possible, by putting dark areas next to very light ones. Thin the colors with water to make them translucent for smoth blendings. I recommend a wet-pallete for mixing colors.
    Btw: there's a lot of good tutorials at www.coolminiornot.com.

  3. Very nice, I remember the WIP shots you posted. The purple and gold contrast is great.

  4. It looks great! His ugly face looks verry, ur... pretty. I love the stubble effect and the fresh-faced look to him.

    Is this the final piece, or is there still some work to do?

  5. @Ron: Thanks! :)

    @Itkovian: Thank you too. It's not finished yet, there's still
    some work to do on the base and I have to correct some mistakes on the mini.