Friday, October 9, 2009

Some dirty work...


First of all I'd like thank everybody who is writing comments on my blog, I'm really happy to get so much feedback! Unfortunatelly I did't have a lot of time to answer to everything and post new stuff, since I was on the road for the last 3 weeks (Germany trip :)). There'll be a lot more to see from now on, I promise. ;)

I've recentliy finished some "dirty work", which means a squad of crimson fist scouts and a unit of wood elves for a friend of mine. I tried to be really quick by using washes (elves) and armypainter (scouts). I think the scouts turned out better, the wood elves are a bit boring imo but good enough for the gaming table anyhow.

Ok, see for yourselves:

Hope you like it!
Regards, n00by

P.S.: Oh yeah, the FW vendetta kit has finally arrived! Stay tuned for updates on the Valkyre-diary (which should be named vendetta-diary from now on ^^)


  1. Those scouts are really good. I can't believe that they were done using Army Painter.

  2. Hi oni,
    thx a lot, I have to admit that I painted some highlights and drybrushes before I dipped them.