Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lord Commissar almost finished

Hi again!

Sorry for not posting for so long but I was on vacation the last 2 weeks and since the valkyre didn't fit into my suitcase, I had to paint something smaller while I was away. ;)

Here's my version of the Lord Commissar (still WIP):



  1. Awesome paintjob! Love the weathering on the cape!

  2. Hey man,

    Awesome paint job!!
    Can't wait to see it finished if this is only a WiP shot!! :D

  3. I second Dj Batman's comment - THIS is a WIP? This is awesome. Love the blade work and your shading on fabric and cloak. Base is not half bad either!

  4. That is just awesome. Really great paint job, the sword is superb.

  5. that is beautiful. I aspire to painting and artistic skill of this caliber.

  6. Nice work!
    One of the nicest Commissar paint jobs I've seen.
    The NMMs are turning out great. It's always a really difficult thing to pull off well.
    Never been game enough to give it a serious attempt.
    Looking forward to seeing the finished product =]

  7. looking awesome, but i think the weathering is a bit overdone, though that is probably just me, keep up the great work.
    p.s.loving the nmm!

  8. Hey Andiman wusste gar nicht dass du voll der Blogger bist! Ab jetz bin ich auch in der Fangemeinde und immer auf dem Laufenden über deine Minis :)

    (Seufz, mein süßer Harlekin... Fühlt der sich schon einsam?)

  9. cool you re an artist man. can you give me the colours you ve used? cause i dont know how i am going to paint mine!

  10. Uuppsa...

    somehow the images have been removed by a template saying "got cought!"...

    Shure these were yours?

  11. Not again...
    thx for telling me, happened the 3rd time already. :(