Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tutorial - Ork Skin

Okay then, here's the first step-by-step for the ork skin I'm doing:

2 component priming, nothing special so far. ;)

Basecoat Gretching Green 1:2 Paint:Water

1st shadow Knarloc Green, 1:4 paint:water

2nd shadow Dark Sea Blue (you can use Hawk Turqouise with Black instead)

1st Highlight Gretchin Green + Bleached Bone

Pure Bleached Bone for the second Highlight.

Now I did a glaze with a mix of Knarloc Green + Warlock Purple to bring some life to the skin. (Sorry, forgot to shoot a picture here)

Some Chaos Black for the deepest shadows and the darklining.

For the last step I used some Ivory to paint some very bright higlights (especially in the face).

That's it for the skin, Weathering tutorial will follow soon!

Cheers, Androsch


  1. Great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing your methods with us. Your Orks really do look fantastic!

  2. As said before... thanks for the effort. I love your orc skin... keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

  3. Heya

    Nice tutorial, for the shadows and glaze do you just target the creases or coat the whole area?

    Happy painting...

  4. I usually drag the thinned paint from around the mid-area to the creases and the highlights from the middle to the highlight-area. It's important to overblend the colours for a good transition.
    There's good tutorials on Massivevoodoo for this. ;)

  5. Hallo Androsch, ich bin über das Bemalforum auf deinen Blog gestoßen und da ich meine Orks sowieso mal wieder aufpeppen wollte, wollt ich dir auf diesem Wege auch nochmal Danke sagen für das tolle Tutorial :)