Monday, May 3, 2010

Nobs and Lootas finished

Finally finished...
Had to force me through some assembly line painting, but I'm happy now. :)


  1. You have absolutely beautiful force there. I'd venture to say they're too pretty to play with. ;)

  2. I wish I had your application. I have been painting an Ork army for about three years. sigh!

  3. Really love your work, fantastic smooth blending! Followed!
    Have a look at my blog as well ;)

  4. These are amazing. I'm jealous :)

    But I also need to thank you because it's making me want to raise my game too.

    Good stuff man, really.

  5. Looks awsome mate.
    Was wondering what colors you use for the red and the rust?
    I have my formula for rust but your looks better. I use a base of Scorched brown followed by a wash of Scorched Brown + Blazing orange.
    I also have a lighter rust wash with Snakebite + Blazing.

    The red color on your troops looks really stunning, could tou give me a few pointers and tips on how you create it?

    Keep up the good work mate!

  6. Thx!

    Rust is pretty simple: Basecoat white, then apply Scorched Brown and Vermin Brown with a sponge. Finish with a wash of Devlan Mud.

    For the red I use Schorched Brown - Dark Flesh - Blood Red and either Orange or Dwarf Flesh as highlight.
    I do some weathering with the sponge too on the red, mostly with Scorched Brown and a wash of Devlan Mud again to give it the ork-effect. ;)


  7. THX mate for the tip!
    When u use sponge to you start with the armour so you dont accidently get it on their flesh?

    Question on the red; do you mix Schorched Brown - Dark Flesh - Blood Red in equal parts or do you layer them over eashother?
    Devlan Mud is always orkish. Thanks for your reply.

  8. Yep, always start with the armour.

    Layer them over each other. I start with blood red and work towards the shadows then.