Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Captain WIP...

And again, painting the captain...
I tried to get some more contrast into the armour, added some scratches and continued to wor on the metal. Still a lot to do though...


  1. goddamn is that all wet blended? I wish I could do it, I really do! Well done.

  2. He looks amazing! The addition of shadows really helps to bring the CF scheme together, I'm a fan! Would you mind sharing your colour palette for the armour? Don't know if I can wet blend at all, but at least I could get the colours right! ;)
    Keep it up, you're doing great!

  3. Thank u!

    @MoaS: Yes it is, go ahead and try it, it's not as difficult as it seems. Just try to mix your lighter/darker color in the still wet basecoat on your mini. You'll get it with some practice.

    Yes I can: (but it's a bit crazy^^)
    Basecoat: Regal + Codex Grey
    Shadows : Regal + Midgnight Blue + a little Purple (add more black in the darker areas)
    Highlight: Mix with SW Grey

    I always add a little grey to the colors, to desaturate it. But in this case it is rather colorful.

    Kind regard,

  4. Many thanks! I'll give this (and wet blending!) a try for sure!