Friday, November 19, 2010

more WIPs...

Started doing some freehands on the shoulders and on the cloak. I did some scratches too, but I think I'll have to go with the sponge again. Painting them looks strange somehow. And all-in-all there need to be some stronger shadows. I'll have to work on that too


  1. Yep, it does look more CF-esque now! Don't know if you pushed the shadows a little bit more or if it's the addition of red parts here and there, but it looks better IMO. And the base is great! Did you paint it or did you used pigment only?

  2. Thx!

    I didn't paint the shadows yet, but I guess the combination of blue and red automatically makes it look more like crimson fist. ;)

    I used some paint mixed it with brown pigments and when it was dry I brushed some lighter dry pigments on it. But I'll do a little bit more about it.