Saturday, December 11, 2010

Always angry, all the time...

Finally he is done!
Captain Asshole of the Angry Marines!


  1. Subtle. haha. This is a beautiful mini. Just stunning. I love the sense of humor as well. Let's have more, I say.

  2. This marine is awesome! The conversion is great and the yellow is perfect. Did you paint this using wet in wet technique? How long did it took you to achievie this? (cause painting yellow always has been a pain for me!).
    Oh! and I like the twisted plate in front of the base too ;)

  3. amazing finish! I'll give some of your painting advice a go soon i promise!

  4. Thx!

    @jpwyrm: Painting yellow IS a pain! ;)
    I think it took me about 4-5 hours just for the yellow parts. ^^
    I used wet in wet, followed by thin glazes to get smother transitions. I used the following colours:

    Basecoat: Bubonic Brown
    Highlights: Sunburst Yellow -> Ivory
    Shadows: Graveyard Earth -> Scorched Brown

    In the end I took some Sepia Wash from Vallejo and did some thin coats with it, since the armour came out a little too desaturated.