Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some finished stuff...

Captain Rodriguez finally left the table. I added some more weathering and ivy to the base. Hope you like him. :)

Also, the Crimson Fist got 2 rhinos. Now they are able to move over the table. No more stand and shoot I hope. ^^

And last but not least some pics of the my mini from Jarheads Massive Voodoo Workshop in Graz.
It was a great weekend, so much inspiration... :)



  1. Excellent CF captain! He looks great. The Ivy adds a nice colour contrast to the reds and blues IMO. You might want to take a look at the left leg though, there's a stain over the shin pad there...

    I like the daemonette too, she looks quite dangerous with that pointy thing in her claws!

  2. The captain is great. I think the rust on the rhinos is too much, it looks like blood splattered all over the top.

  3. hey great stuff mate! I especially like the little details like the water coming out of the pipe

  4. Where are the Crimson Fist Captain's homonymous rank isignia of crimson gauntlets? His hands are blue.

  5. I thought all Crimson Fists bore the eponymous gauntlets? LOL