Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday Night Painting

Almost every monday night Darkezekiel, Muhani (from Massivevoodoo) and me meet for our weekly night of painting. I'd like to write a little review every week from now on about new painting and modelling projects, that we've got on the table.

Let's start with what happened yesterday...

I'm currently working on a space wolves terminator unit, standing on a showbase. This is still in a very early state though.


Since Spacewolves need beards and long hair (I totally disagree with GWs new Spacewolf-image) I started modelling some on the units leader:

Meanwhile I assembled 2 other minis:
...and the Ice Cream Guy (just couldn't take this one seriously^^)

Darkezekiel did some turbopainting again (I still can't believe how fast this guy is) and tried three, let's say "interesting", color schemes for a friends tyranid army, using effect-colors. (YES, our friend likes flashing colors ^^)

Muhani, as always, took his time and modelled a bird for his sinking-ship-project. This took the whole evening, but therefor it was done properly.

That's it for today,
stay tuned!


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