Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monday Night Painting

Hey there folks,
sorry for the one-day-delay, couldn't find time yesterday for posting.

So... what happend this monday night? Let's have a look:

I was working on a Minotaur, one of the new Beastmen releases from GW. Although it's meant for the gaming table, I'm trying to give my best at this one. We're working on a beastmen-project at the moment (4 people are collecting one army ^^) and we need something that makes "BÄM!", you know. ;)

Darkezekiel was working on his Belphegor from Andrea Miniatures. He's really taking time on this one. ^^ (sorry, pics ain't good)


That's it for today, stay tuned!



  1. The skin of the minotaure looks pretty cool, even i don't like the model at all... good to hear that DarkEzekiel is taking his time... looks very nice so far but there is still a road to go... keep it up! Keep on happy painting! Regards Roman

  2. The minotaur model isn't that bad. I think the paintjob on the box makes it look worse than it actually is.