Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey there,

yesterday i´ve decided to make a new army project. First i browsed all my bits and boxes and after that i came to a decision, space marines.

And why Salamanders???

That´s a good question and i´ve got a simple answer: i like green colour...... and Vulkan He´stan^^

I started to decolour some of my mini´s and then i painted my first marine for testing the colourscheme. Take a look, i like it. Hope you too.


  1. Nice. The color looks like a light green maybe a mint green. Is that the color or the light from the camera. I like your weathering on the feet and the rugged terrain in the base. Nice job can't wait to see the rest of the army. Happy painting

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  3. The shoulderpads are meant to be filled in black, but still looking good :) nice freehand work

    I keep thinking about doing a Salamanders army myself. You may have just inspired me to start it