Thursday, September 10, 2009

Valkyre Diary - Entry 1

Hi Folks!

I came up with the idea to make a little step-by-step diary for the valkyreI'm currently working on. This should help to motivate myself and I'll try to show some techniques that might be interesting for one or the other.

Right now I've started to work on the interior. I'll assemble and paint this first, since it would be too difficult to do it once the valkyre is fully assembled.

Here's what happend so far:

The gunners are a little tricky to build without glueing them to the floor, but in the end it worked.
The interior parts, cleaned up and primed black. Normally I would make a second, dusty layer of white to define details and get more "grip" for the paint. But in this case I'll only use black because I'll continue with the airbrush. A black undercoat helps the get basic shadows when airbrushing over it. Once this is dry (in about 5 minutes :)) I'll start with the first layers of paint. So expect to hear from my in the next couple of hours. ;)


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