Thursday, September 10, 2009

Valkyre Diary - Entry 2

I started airbrushing with a thin coat of Kommando Khaki. I usually have a self-made thinner containing 1 part of alcohol to 9 parts of water. I mix this 1:1 with the paint.
I use a 0,2mm noozle so things need to be really thin when spraying.

I then mixed some Ivory (VMC) in my color (any white will do if you don't have this particular one) and sprayed a second coat over it, trying to leave the recesses out, which didn't really work too good, since I'm still a little clumsy with my airbrush. ;)

Now it was time to start weathering the interior. I made a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black (1:1) and used a sponge to apply little chips to the basecoated pieces. The Paint needs
to be watered down with about 50% water for this to work. This technique is very easy and straightforward. It just needs some trys to get te amount of paint on the sponge right.

I painted the lights(?) on the ceiling. I didn't want them to be on, so I painted them as if they were gems. Looks nice, but maybe it's a bit too flashy...

Then I painted all the buttons black, they'll be gems as well.

Furthermore I fixed the gunners on corks and primed them (this time with a white overspray).

I'm going to the movies now, but I'll continue work later! :)


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