Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lord Commissar almost finished

Hi again!

Sorry for not posting for so long but I was on vacation the last 2 weeks and since the valkyre didn't fit into my suitcase, I had to paint something smaller while I was away. ;)

Here's my version of the Lord Commissar (still WIP):


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Valkyre Diary - Entry 6

Just a short status update today: The Valkyre is almost fully assembled.
Only the weapons are missing because I'm still waiting for that Forgeworld Vendetta conversion-kit to arrive. The cockpit window is missing as well (wouldn't be very clever to glue that on now).

Still can't believe how huge the model is. Almost baneblade-huge. Damn...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Valkyre Diary - Entry 5

Well well well....
I did some final touches with my favourite weathering tool: the pencil!

I drew it over the edges...

scraped of a bit...

and used my finger for "painting" ^^
(this gives a realistic metalic sheen on the edges you rubb with it)

I also finished the gunners (I'll shoot some better pics later) and put everything together.

A quick CNN-style pic as a preview ;) :

CU, n00by

Valkyre Diary - Entry 4

Hi again!

The interior is almost finished now. I worked with pigments to get dusty look on the ramps...

...and on the sides

and on the console...
I used umber and burnt umber. Just brush the dry pigments on the surface and blow-off the excess (or leave it ^^). I finally sprayed a coat of matt-varnish to fix them. Army Painter
"anti-shine" is great by the way.

I hope I'll be able to finish the gunners tonight...

Valkyre Diary - Entry 3

News from the front again... ;)
I painted all the buttons and pipes, the floor and the ramp.
I added a watered down wash of Devlan Mud to give the interior an even dirtier look.

Now it's time for the gunners and some experiments with pigments!
Check back tomorrow!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Valkyre Diary - Entry 2

I started airbrushing with a thin coat of Kommando Khaki. I usually have a self-made thinner containing 1 part of alcohol to 9 parts of water. I mix this 1:1 with the paint.
I use a 0,2mm noozle so things need to be really thin when spraying.

I then mixed some Ivory (VMC) in my color (any white will do if you don't have this particular one) and sprayed a second coat over it, trying to leave the recesses out, which didn't really work too good, since I'm still a little clumsy with my airbrush. ;)

Now it was time to start weathering the interior. I made a mix of Scorched Brown and Chaos Black (1:1) and used a sponge to apply little chips to the basecoated pieces. The Paint needs
to be watered down with about 50% water for this to work. This technique is very easy and straightforward. It just needs some trys to get te amount of paint on the sponge right.

I painted the lights(?) on the ceiling. I didn't want them to be on, so I painted them as if they were gems. Looks nice, but maybe it's a bit too flashy...

Then I painted all the buttons black, they'll be gems as well.

Furthermore I fixed the gunners on corks and primed them (this time with a white overspray).

I'm going to the movies now, but I'll continue work later! :)


Valkyre Diary - Entry 1

Hi Folks!

I came up with the idea to make a little step-by-step diary for the valkyreI'm currently working on. This should help to motivate myself and I'll try to show some techniques that might be interesting for one or the other.

Right now I've started to work on the interior. I'll assemble and paint this first, since it would be too difficult to do it once the valkyre is fully assembled.

Here's what happend so far:

The gunners are a little tricky to build without glueing them to the floor, but in the end it worked.
The interior parts, cleaned up and primed black. Normally I would make a second, dusty layer of white to define details and get more "grip" for the paint. But in this case I'll only use black because I'll continue with the airbrush. A black undercoat helps the get basic shadows when airbrushing over it. Once this is dry (in about 5 minutes :)) I'll start with the first layers of paint. So expect to hear from my in the next couple of hours. ;)