Friday, November 26, 2010

Mixed WIPs

I'm back with a lot of WIPs today. I hurt my leg when playing football,
so I currently have a lot of time sitting at home and painting.

I started with two old-school rhinos for the crimson fist. I tried-out the salt technique that Raffa showed on Massive Voodoo. Worked pretty well, but I need more
different sizes of grains to get a more convincing effect. Did a little freehand too on them. Those old models look way too boring wtihout them. ^^ Those other guys standing around are just some Death Korps troopers that I basecoated with my airbrush.

Then I tried the same technique on a Forge World Tau Battlesuit guy. Not too bad, but the effect doesn't look as good when you use warm colours for the armour. I'll only do a quick paintjob on this one.

The Angry Marine got some attention too. Unfortunatelly I have to redo the base, since I fucked up the mixing the 2-component-resin-water correctly. ^^ So the marine is currently on a piece of cork.

And, last but not least, I did some fresh mud on the base of Captain Rodriguez. I used Scorched Brown, water effect and dark brown pigments. I also applied a thin layer of dust with my airbrush.
That's it for now, I'm out.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Captain WIP...

And again, painting the captain...
I tried to get some more contrast into the armour, added some scratches and continued to wor on the metal. Still a lot to do though...

Friday, November 19, 2010

more WIPs...

Started doing some freehands on the shoulders and on the cloak. I did some scratches too, but I think I'll have to go with the sponge again. Painting them looks strange somehow. And all-in-all there need to be some stronger shadows. I'll have to work on that too

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Captain WIP...

I started painting Capt. Rodriguez. I desaturated my standard crimson fist colour scheme a bit, 'cause
it was much to ...well... blue. ^^ It's a bit rough on some parts, but I intend to do a lot of weathering on this one, so I think the blendings are not too important right now. Just need to get a feel for the colours and the light...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rodriguez continued...

I sanded the cloak and basecoated the mini afterwards. There's still a spot on the cloak that needs to be improved. You can see the transition between the layers of putty there...

Captain Rodriguez WIP

Hey there!

I'm back with some Crimson Fist stuff again. This time, I'd like to introduce a very special character: Terminator Captain Estéban Rodriguez, who fought so glouriously against an ork nob-mob, that he got promoted to the rank of captain.

This actually really happened in a game between me and my Crimson Fist playing customer. The Termiator Sergeant killed most of the orks and the waaghboss and after it was all over, he was the only one standing. :)

After getting my orkass whopped so badly, I promised to to a little "upgrade" on the model... for free!
I didn't change the original pose, but I stripped-off the paint, put the mini on a decent base and started working on a cape. (Every important Warhammer character needs a cape in my opinion. It makes them more superheroic ;))

So here's what I did so far. I used a 50/50 mix of Greenstuff and Milliput, which worked nicely. After I had the initial shape hardened out, I added some folds with some more fresh putty. Not perfect yet, but it already looks like a cape. ^^

I still need to sand it once more, to get a really smooth surface. I might add some more putty to the fold in the middle, since I'm not so happy with it yet.